Welcome to the Rhode Island School of Fly Fishing (RISFF) website. Our company is  new having been formed in late 2015. Take a tour of our site and see what we offer, and click the CONTACT page to reach us with questions.

Beginning in 2016 RISFF will be providing a full array of fly fishing, fly casting and fly tying instruction services, along with professional and licensed fresh and saltwater guide services. Our training venues will be held at Addieville East Farms in Mapleville, RI, Bass Pro Shops in Foxboro, MA, and in 2017 we will again be offering classes in a variety of outdoor venues and small group training aboard our vessels.

The school is owned and operated by Capt. Jim Barr and Capt. Bob Hines (both U.S. Coast Guard Captains). We provide individual and group instruction for beginner, intermediate and advanced fly anglers, and those who have never fly fished but who are interested in learning the sport. We provide a full range of classroom and field training in fly fishing, fly casting and fly tying in fresh and saltwater environments. 

We are based in Newport, and Smithfield, RI and deliver our services in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Capt. Jim Barr is a Fly Fishers International (formerly known as the International Federation of Fly Fishers) Certified Fly Casting Instructor.  Capt. Bob Hines is the lead fly casting instructor at the Addieville East Farms Club in Burrillville, RI. Staff members have extensive fly fishing experience in North, Central and South America and in other parts of the world. Our partners are officially retired from careers in business.

Captains Barr and Hines are licensed professional fresh and saltwater fishing guides operating our own guide services. RISFF is a unique fly fishing services company because not only do we possess extensive fly fishing experience in numerous and varied venues, but we also have significant experience training anglers as well as professionals in business.

To our knowledge there is no other fly fishing school in the country (independent or owned by fly fishing retailers) that offers the depth of fishing experience, training program diversity, attention to detail and instructor experience than what is provided at the Rhode Island School of Fly Fishing. Our programs are fully packed with valuable information with no "filler". 

We deliver powerful training programs at very reasonable prices that provide a very strong value proposition for our customers.

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Jim and Bob
  • Fly Casting InstructionBeginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes. Our staff incudes a Certified Fly Casting Instructor with Fly Fishers International (formerly known as the International Federation of Fly Fishers), as well the lead fly casting instructor at the Addieville East Farms Club.
  • Fly Fishing Instruction- Fresh and Saltwater, Multiple Species, Classroom & On the Water, Tactics, Equipment, Entomology, Knots and much more
  • Fly Tying Instruction- Fresh and Saltwater patterns, Professional and highly experienced tying instructors and fly pattern designers
  • Presentations- Extensive inventory of topics for seminars on a full range of fresh and saltwater fly fishing venues
  • Consulting- equipment, destinations and guides
RISFF Programs
Capt. Jim Barr

Capt. Bob Hines
Ten aspiring two-handed fly casters attended our Two-Hand (Spey) Casting class on April 21, 2018. Not only did everyone learn new skills and improve their existing two-hand casting techniques, but we also had a wonderful time and we all met new friends.  Under the auspices of the Rhode Island School of Fly Fishing www.RISchoolofFlyFishing.com

The instructors included Capt. Jim Barr (Fly Fishers International Certified Casting Instructor) and owner/operator of Skinny Water Charters, John Bilotta (Fly Fishers International Master Casting Instructor & Certified Two-Hand Casting Instructor), and Craig Buckbee (Fly Fishers International Master Casting Instructor). 

We will be holding additional clinics in the future with our next one tentatively scheduled for early September, stay tuned to this website for additional information. 

Additionally Capt. Bob Hines and Capt. Jim Barr hold private and small group fly casting lessons throughout the summer and fall. Contact us for additional information.

Below are a few photos from our April 21st clinic.

Craig Buckbee
John Bilotta
Capt. Jim Barr