It only stands to reason, that if you can REACH more fish, you can CATCH more fish. One might argue that this may not be the case when fishing in freshwater for trout or bass or northern pike, however when flyfishing in saltwater- the elements of distance, speed and accuracy of your casts will have a direct bearing on your catch rate. As Fly Fishers International (FFI) and Addieville East Farms fly casting instructors we can in short order significantly improve your flycasting abilities, enabling you to be more successful whether you are casting from shore or from a boat, in saltwater or fresh.

Fly Fishers International is the only organization with a certified fly casting instruction program. The Casting Instructor Certification Program began in 1992 for the purpose of enhancing the overall level of instruction in fly casting, including instructor knowledge, casting proficiency, and teaching ability. FFI certified instructors are nationally recognized as highly competent instructors.
Fly Casting School

Introduction to Fly Casting
  • Rod/ Reel/ Line Overview
  • Different rods for different fish and fishing conditions
  • Different lines for different fishing conditions
  • The Theory and Mechanics of Fly Casting
  • The Grip and Rod position
  • The Pick Up and Lay down cast (The Overhead Cast)
  • The Roll Cast
  • Shooting and Handling line
  • False Casting

Intermediate Fly Casting
  • Dynamic Roll Cast
  • Off-shoulder Roll Cast
  • Casting in windy conditions
  • Casting heavy flies into the wind
  • Casting to fast moving fish
  • Slipping line
  • Fixing Tailing Loops
  • Steeple Cast
  • Parachute and Pile Casts
  • Bow and Arrow Cast
  • Single Haul
  • Double Haul
  • Triple Haul
  • Forward and Backward Water Haul
  • Long Line Pick Up

Advanced Fly Casting & Tactics
  • Casting Shooting Heads
  • Saltwater Quick Cast
  • Casting to the Unfavored Side
  • Minimizing False Casting
  • Adding Distance to the Cast
  • Snake Roll Cast
  • Curve Cast
  • Aerial Mends
  • Sighting the gun for casting into Hula Hoops
  • Slack Line casts
  • River, Current, Ocean Tactics

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