Bob Popovics
“Picture a guide who has the patience of Job, the wit of Andy Rooney, the skills of a Tom Brady, can cast a country mile, and ties an awesome worm. That’s right, we said a worm, and it’s not just any worm, it’s a Bob Hines worm. Bob is more than just an accomplished fly fisherman, he lives and breathes the sport. We can’t imagine a better instructor to get someone started in the right direction than Bob."
Great place here! Best of luck to you guys and I'm positive fly fishermen, new or seasoned, will enjoy the pages that follow. You guys have long been dedicated to the sport and know HOW to teach it. Keep it informative, entertaining, and FUN!
Bob Popovics
Cathy & Barry Beck
"Anybody who wants to get going in Fly Fishing and the experienced Fly Fisher who wants to get better -get up a level, so to speak, will enjoy and profit from sessions with the gang at the Rhode Island School of Fly Fishing. These three Casting Instructors have got the expertise and experience to help you to learn to do the right things and do them better each time out. You will benefit from their time and thoughtful attention."

Rod McGarry is an IFFF Board Certified Master Fly Casting Instructor, a Registered Professional Master Maine Guide, and was awarded the Harger Lifetime Achievement for his work in Fly Fishing education and training.

Rod McGarry
Professional Anglers

Special to The Providence Journal 

 Posted Jan. 6, 2016 at 5:11 PM 

Ever have a desire to fly-fish? To stand by the shore as water rolls around your legs and waist and feel the rhythms of the river, the waves, the bait and prey? 

Learning how to do it got a lot easier last year when three captains, all fly-fishing experts, came together to form the Rhode Island School of Fly Fishing. 

Capt. Jim Barr, Capt. Bob Hines and Capt. John Lemont offer four main programs, including Freshwater Fly Fishing, Saltwater Fly Fishing, Fly Casting and Fly Tying Instruction. The three instructors have fished in many North American, Caribbean and South American waters. 

This year they are running a series of one-day (eight-hour) freshwater and saltwater fly-fishing schools. The freshwater schools will be held at Addieville East Farm, in the Mapleville section of Burrillville, and the saltwater schools will be held at the Bass Pro Shops in Foxboro, Massachusetts. 

The freshwater programs include fly-casting instruction in a private pond stocked with trout. The freshwater school is $295 per student and the saltwater school is $195. Lunch and refreshments are served at classes. 

The Rhode Island School of Fly Fishing is the only comprehensive school of its type on the East Coast. The three captains also offer equipment and destination consulting, and often serve as seminar speakers throughout the region. 

"In the future we plan on offering classes on special techniques, as well as how and where to fish for particular species such as largemouth bass, false albacore, steelhead, and salmon,” Barr said. 

For information visit www.RISchoolofFlyFishing.com. 
Capt. Dave Monti
Capt. Jim Barr
Press Releases
"I have worked with Capt. Bob Hines in the classroom and on the water. He is the ultimate instructor. He diagnoses and corrects casting problems in an easygoing yet effective manner. His knowledge of local waters is amazing, one day we were out on the bay and to my amazement, he predicted the time and and location of a bluefish bliltz. He called it "nervous water". We took blues from that froth for over half and hour before they went deep. He is a true pro, you learn and have fun doing so."
​                                                                           Ed Culhane, Jr.- 12/21/15
(formerly of Wakefield, RI)

 "I recently fished the Salmon River with Captain Bob Hines. It was my first ever steelhead trip and it was awesome! Captain Bob had me totally prepared and put me in a position to succeed. It was like fishing with your best fishing buddy and a knowledgeable, vastly experienced professional guide rolled into one. Can't wait to do it again. Thanks Bob."                              Michael Doughty - 11/30/15

 "Jim Barr and Bob Hines are two of the best people you’ll meet in the fly fishing world. Jim is a very good casting instructor and Bob is working toward his IFFF Casting Instructor certification. Most guides know where the fish are, but a great guide is someone you enjoy being with on the water when the fish aren’t biting. Jim and Bob are guys who make learning to cast and seeking the fish all that those two passions can be. I recommend them very highly."

Macauley is a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award in Fly-Casting Instruction from the International Federation of Fly Fishers. He is also the author of a number of excellent books on fly casting instruction.

Macauley Lord