Fly Fishing Schools

The Rhode Island School of Fly Fishing will run a series of one and two day (8 hour) fresh and saltwater fly fishing schools. Our freshwater schools will be conducted at the facilities of Addieville East Farms located in Mapleville, RI. Our saltwater schools are typically held "on the water" in Rhode Island and for small groups, aboard our boats and on occasion at Bass Pro Shops in Foxboro, MA
Classes are structured and administered on a customized basis based on number of students and time of year. Our freshwater classes will include fly casting instruction in a private stocked trout pond. Both schools include lunch and refreshment service. Please refer to the class outline on the FLY FISHING page of this website for details of what will be covered.

Fresh and Saltwater Fishing School (2 days)- $300/ student 
Fresh and Saltwater Fishing School (1 day)- $200/ student

Fly Casting Schools

Fly casting schools will be taught by Fly Fishers International and Addieville East Farms Club fly casting instructors. Casting instruction will be held on grass and on water at a variety of locations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Our schools are classified as Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced. Please refer to the class outline on the FLY CASTING page of this website for details of what will be covered in our fly casting schools. The Advanced school will also include fresh and saltwater strategy and tactics. Classes will be limited to 10 students, allowing for a 5 student to 1 instructor ratio.

Fly Casting School (3 hours) -Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced 
$195/ student

Fly Tying Schools
The Rhode Island School of Fly Fishing provides individual and group fly tying instruction in Freshwater and Saltwater fly patterns. Group instruction can be arranged at your facility or club or at Bass Pro Shops and Addieville East Farms. 

Rates vary depending upon number of students, whether we supply equipment and materials, types of fly patterns tied and location. Please visit the Schedule and Upcoming pages of this website for specific rate information for upcoming schools.