Freshwater Fly Fishing School

  • Stream and Still water Entomology
  • Fly Selection/ "Matching the Hatch"
  • Stream and Stillwater Fishing Techniques
  • Matching and Choosing Equipment
  • Reading Water
  • Fly Casting- Essential Casts to Know
  • Knot Tying Seminar- Essential Knots
  • Playing and Landing Fish
  • Leaders/Tippets- Tying Your Own Leaders
  • Essential Equipment and “Fluff”
  • “Fishing with Guides”- Do’s and Don’ts
  • Waders/Boots/Pack/Vest- Essential tools
  • Wading and Drift Boat Safety
  • Locating and Choosing a Guide

Other Fly Fishing Schools

  • Largemouth Bass
  • Bonefish
  • Tarpon
  • Cinder Worm Emergence for Striped Bass- Rhode Island (see Partners Page)
  • Sand Eel Emergence- Rhode Island 
  • Fishing the Brenton Reef- Newport, RI 
  • Fishing the Watch Hill Reefs- Westerly, RI 
  • False Albacore & Bonito- Rhode Island 
  • Steelhead- New York & Pennsylvania tributaries
  • Atlantic Salmon- New Brunswick
  • Hex Hatch- Rhode Island

We introduced  Orvis fishing instructors Pete Kutzer and Kyle Leard to Rhode Island False Albacore Fishing
We introduced Orvis' Tom Rosenbauer to the Rhode Island Cinder Worm Hatch 
 Saltwater Fly Fishing School

  • Basic Equipment Review (non rod/reel)
  • Rod/ Reel/ Line Overview
  • Different rods for different fish and fishing conditions
  • Different lines for different fishing conditions
  • Forage saltwater fish eat
  • "Matching the Hatch" with fly patterns
  • Matching lines and flies to various saltwater fish at varying depths
  • Tides and why they are critical
  • How to interpret a tide table
  • Reading water
  • Seasonal and daily timing for intercepting various saltwater fish
  • Constructing a fishing plan
  • Commonly used knots for the line and leader system
  • Commonly used knots for tying on flies
  • Retrieving methodologies
  • Hook setting
  • Playing small to large fish
  • Taking photos
  • Releasing fish
  • Essential casts to know

We introduced Orvis' Pete Kutzer to Rhode Island Flats Fishing
Bob Hines's Screaming Tarpon- Florida Keys