• Fly Casting School- Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced- On staff is a Certified Fly Casting Instructor from the Fly Fishers International and the Lead Fly Casting Instructor at the Addieville East Farms Club of Burrillville, RI.
  • Fly Fishing SchoolsFreshwater and Saltwater- Classroom and Water- Equipment, Tactics, Knots and so much more!
  • Fly Tying SchoolFresh and Saltwater Patterns- Professional Tying Instructors
  • Seminars- extensive inventory of topics for seminars on a full range of fresh and saltwater fly fishing topics
  • Consulting- equipment, destinations and guides

The following is a sampling of the presentations we have presented at fishing trade shows, retail locations and angling clubs. These can be presented as is or recombined as necessary to fit your organization's interest. They also contain tons of information that are contained in our fly fishing school training modules.

- Warm Water Fly Fishing
- Introductory and Advanced Fly Casting Techniques
- Local Freshwater Fishing Tips
- Local Saltwater Fishing Tips
- Organizing Your Boat
- Spring Saltwater Fly Fishing in Rhode Island
- Fly Fishing Basics
- Fly Equipment for Stripers, Bluefish and Tunoids
- False Albacore by Land and by Sea
- How to Establish a Fishing Plan
- How to Read, Interpret and Develop a Fishing Plan from Tide Tables
- Fly Fishing Rhode Island's 3 Major Hotspots
- Fishing the Rhode Island Cinder Worm Hatch
- Fishing Newport Harbor and Area Waters
- Sand Eel Fly Fishing
- Fly Fishing the Fall Run
- Fly Fishing the Watch Hill Reefs
- Fly Fishing Rhode Island's Salt Waters
- Maximizing Your Charter with a Guide
- Greater Little Narragansett Bay & Special Operations Fly Fishing
- Fly Fishing Rhode Island's Top 20 Locations
- Fly Fishing for Steelhead in the Salmon River and other New York Tributaries
- Fly Fishing for Salmon in Alaska's Alagnak River
- Getting the Most From Your Fishing Guide
- How to Fish Estuaries


The Rhode Island School of Fly Fishing will have a separate division specifically offering fly casting lessons. These lessons will range from beginner to expert, and they will be held on grass and water.

Fly casting demonstration and light instruction will be integrated into our fresh and saltwater fly fishing schools, and more importantly be provided in a stand-alone fly casting school. Fly casting is not difficult, but it can be time consuming in progressing a new or novice caster to a level where they are confident and in varying degrees proficient enough to cast 40-80 feet and to do it quickly without excessive false casting which wastes time and energy.

We utilize iPhone and GoPro video resources in our casting lessons and slow motion playback.  This enables the student and instructor to track progress and to assist in the process of identifying casting faults and implementing solutions. We don't show movies of actors casting or use still pictures embedded into PowerPoint presentations. We put fly rods in student's hands for the entire day's training agenda and we spend the time necessary to get them casting with confidence. We also purposely mismatch rods and lines so that students can feel the difference between combinations that are incorrect and how sweet and fluid the casting stroke becomes when using closely matched equipment combined with expert and professional instruction.

Capt. Jim Barr was one of three founding members of The United Fly Tyers of Rhode Island (UFTRI). UFTRI is an educational organization, dedicated to teaching fresh and salt water fly tying. Jim has served in a number of Officer and Board positions with UFTRI including the Director of Education and remains on UFTRI's educational staff. UFTRI was founded in 1995 and is a satellite club of United Fly Tyers, a fly tying organization founded in 1959 in the Boston area. United Fly Tyers is the oldest continuously active fly tying organization in the United States. The organization is dedicated to the development and promotion of the art and science of designing and producing artificial fishing flies.
Capt. Bob Hines is one of the charter member of UFTRI and has developed a number of fly patterns the rights to which have been purchased by UMPQUA Feather Merchants, one of the largest and most successful commercial retailers of artificial fly patterns used throughout the world.

The Rhode Island School of Fly Fishing provides individual and group fly tying instruction in Freshwater and Saltwater fly patterns
Capt. Jim Barr
Capt. Bob Hines
Capt. Jim Barr about to 
be swept downstream
Capt. Bob Hines Bonefishing in the Bahamas
Capt. Barr Presenting 
at Bass Pro Shops
On-Site fly tying 
before a Charter
Armstrong's Spring